Yesudas K.J


K.J. Yesudas



Born At Cochin, of Augustine Joseph and Elizebeth Joseph
Musical training In the Music Academy, Tirupunithura and Swati Tirunal Music Academy, Trivandrum.
Specialised training Under Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar etc.
Debut in the musical field Sang for a malayalam film ‘Kalpadukal’ in November 1961.


Yesudas has been giving hundreds of concerts all over India, has provided play-back voice for several films and is catering to his large number of fans through numerous cassettes too. Has an excellent resonant voice which is versatile fully for brikas, sancharas, etc. He is perhaps the only one artiste who is popular both with classical Carnatic music audience and those after light music. A multi-faceted musician, he draws one of the largest of crowds. He is innovative with success.

His bhajans are absorbing. He is a cosmopolitan with a liberal outlook.

‘Tarangini’, a studio established by him at Trivandrum to offer facilities to film producers and to bring out cassettes has this to say:

‘Yesudas is a phenomenon and a magnificent obsession; a singer who has broken barriers of orthodoxy, language and region to enlighten and enrich millions of Indians at home and abroad. A mind boggling repertoire has enabled Yesudas to enthral audiences.’

The observation is true to facts.

Awards: Has won the award for the best play back singer 5 times, Kerala State Award 18 times, besides others.

Titles: Padma Shree by the President of India

Gana Gandharva

Sangita Chakravarthy by Pallavi Narasimachary – 1988.

Cassettes: Quite a large number of devotional songs, etc. The flow continues. It is perennial.