Rajini's drastic new approach to make Kabali a blockbuster

June 28, 2016, Chennai

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Rajini has made a huge step forward in his approach towards the making of Kabali. He has stepped out of his comfort zone to ensure that he gives us the Rajini that we like. Are we ready for Agmark 100% Rajini? Silly question.

Since Rajini – Sankar combo brought out ‘Shivaji – The Boss’ hard blooded Rajini fans have been whispering their complaints.

Does a Rajini movie need additional star value in Aishwarya Rai or Deepika Padukone? Does a Rajini film need the graphics heavy climax of Endhiran, or Lingaa? Unlike Endhiran and, Lingaa the side shows in Shivaji, the artful sets, a villain with a solid presence, Vivek in full flow, the music never distracted us from Rajini. With Endhiran the graphic heavy climax meant less of Rajini and Lingaa…

In the industry Rajini is respected for his ability to understand the pulse of his audiences. He has definitely proved that and has brought a fresh approach for Kabali. He has stepped out of his usual set of established directors and has gone ‘raw’. He has refused compulsions like Bollywood superstar heroines and has also rightly shied away from AR Rahman’s music. We must accept that since their original partnership for Muthu, AR Rahman has moved into a different creative space – we could see the lack of jamming in Lingaa.

Rajini has definitely taken the right step and created the right mix since ‘Shivaji – The Boss’. He knows that his audiences and fans alike come to see him – Agmark 100% Rajini, not the side shows. It is now over to his fans.

Having fans is a good thing. Having a large number of fans is awesome. How about fanatics – the overzealous crowd that push too hard. Rajini fans must be careful about not becoming fanatics. They must allow the Super Star to create products that he truly believes in. Let us bring back the super actor in our Super Star.