Proud moment - Namma Chennai gets top position in Vegan friendly cities in the world

May 08, 2017, Chennai

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Chennai, May 8:  For many vegans, travelling and eating out can be a frustrating and isolating experience. But Chennai is totally differencet. You can have traditional Chettinadu non-veg meals here as well as pure vegetarain meals fron Saravana Bhavan. Chennai is the place known for vibrant Sambhar rice, hot fluffy idlis, crispy bajjis and vadas.


Chennai has some iconic veg restaurants like The Grand Sweets, Saravana Bhavan, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Murugan idli shop and many more are always jam packed full of people, which clearly shows how Chennai serving vegetarian foods. Chennai has a large population of Brahmins, Jains, and Gujratis who are culturally vegetarians, it is only natural that the city is well known for producing stellar quality vegetarian food. Makes sense to eat light and fresh vegetarian food in the Chennai climate too.

British Magazine listed ten cities recommended for vegan travellers. Our Chennai proudly occupies in top 10 lists with Turin (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), Tel Aviv (Israel), Melbourne (Australia), London (Britain), Vancouver (Canada) and two cities in the US: San Francisco (California) and Austin (Texas).