How to Play Online Rummy

May 13, 2017, Chennai

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May 13: Indian Rummy on the Internet has become The Big Thing in our country. And frankly, there are many reasons behind it; for some it’s the bonuses and promotions and for others it is nonstop action on the tables. Either way, we love Rummy and are passionate about the card game.

The Rummy Passion family believes in offering the game in a simple yet insanely advanced digital manner both for desktop PCs and smartphones. Here we are elaborating how you can be a champion at it and win at the tables.

Joker is the King of the Clan  

The joker card is possibly the most important card in the game and for good reason. It can be a game changer when used timely and correctly. We are not talking about the character played by the late Heath Ledger but something even more charismatic. Essentially, there are two types of Joker cards available in the standard game. 

1. Wildcard

The Wildcard Joker is not constant and changes from play to play. It is randomly picked from the deck once all the cards are distributed to the available players and is placed on the table with its face up partially under the pickup pile. In a 52 card deck, we have 4 Jokers, but only three are usable as the 4th one is displayed to all players. 

2. Printed 

You must have seen this colorful card with a clown riding a bicycle. This is called the printed joker and it does not change with each deal of cards. There are 2 printed jokers in one deck of cards in the offline world. However, in online rummy, usually there is only one printed joker card per deck. So in a two deck game, there will be 8+2 = 10 joker cards, 2 printed jokers and 8 selected jokers.

Using the Joker wisely is an extremely crucial strategy as these cards can be used to form valid, but Impure Sequences or sets. Both types of joker cards can be used in the same manner.

Advantages only a Joker can offer 

Winning is a crucial part of the game and to taste victory in a rummy game, you must be able to shuffle the game accordingly. To accomplish this, you’ve got to know the Joker well.  Not only does it act as a catalyst in speeding up the whole process, but it can also make you wise in knowing your opponent’s card hunt.  One thing to remember is that if a player discards a Joker, no other player can pick that card.     

What Else Should I know? 

You can never get enough of this because the closer you look the less you know. We’ve consolidated all the ingredients for a perfect Masterchef special for our readers.

Bet Wisely 
Going for an extremely high table initially is not advisable. The process of success is a gradual one and you can only climb one step at a time. A wise player will set a limit and not exceed it. It’s always good to be that way.

Watch Discarded Cards Closely 
You need to be a metal head. By this we mean you should have strong decision making capability. You should keep a count of cards that other players are discarding at your game table as it helps you to plan your moves well.

Try to Form a Pure Sequence First
Well, if you are lucky, you may already have a pure sequence as soon as the cards are dealt. If you don’t, you should prioritize your moves and try to form a three card pure sequence before you do anything else. For example,  try to form (♠ ♥ ♦ ♣) A, K, Q or 2,3,4

To Sum Up
Card games, especially Indian rummy have become an entertainment mantra for people all around the country. The mentioned points can improve your game to a great degree. Use your joker cards wisely. You can use multiple joker cards in the same sequence. Keep a keen eye on your cards so you don’t discard joker cards by mistake. Wish you happy rummy games.