Home remedies that are functional in curing Gastritis permanently

May 12, 2017, Chennai

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May 22: Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach lining and is usually called acute or chronic gastritis.  Gastritis affects many people and it is caused due to stress, infection, poor diet, certain medicines, caffeine, even drugs like cocaine, and also consumption of alcohol.

Gastritis is the discomfort of the stomach lining which results in stomach pain, bloating, and belching, burping or even ulcers. It could be one time or frequent, acute or even become chronic if it is not cured in time. 

Symptoms of gastritis:
There are no clear symptoms of gastritis, but when gastritis attacks it is followed by abdominal pain, burping, belching, loss of appetite, nausea, upset stomach, constipation, heartburn or hiccups. If gastritis is not cured timely it could become very threatening, it could lead to autoimmune diseases, piles, anemia, ulcer or even death. 

Causes of gastritis:
Certain medicines which are for gastrointestinal diseases or pain killers could also lead to negative effect on the stomach lining. Infection with harmful gut bacteria, which disturbs the smooth functioning of gut could lead to gastritis. Viral or bacterial infection, could also lead to gastritis. Consumption of alcoholic drinks could also result in gastritis. Overproduction of stomach acid often causes gastritis. Poor diet which is not nutritional and lacks fiber could attribute to gastritis. Modern lifestyle brings heavy dose of stress along with it which leads to gastritis. Smoking is injurious for overall health but it affects the gut very adversely, thereby the stomach lining is disturbed. 

Food that aggravate gastritis: 
Certain food further aggravate the case of gastritis these foods are, alcohol, high fatty food, carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks, processed food, over spicy food, over food that have citric acid. 

Know how to cure gastritis permanently with the following medicines which are antacids, H2blockers, Proton Pump Inhibitors etc, but the irony is that medicines rather than curing gastritis only provide temporary relief rather in the long run they themselves either contribute to gastritis or lead to other chronic diseases. Therefore it is always better to resort to natural remedies which not only provide relief but also cure it permanently. 

Natural remedies for gastritis: 

Natural remedies for gastritis, not only cures it but it is a holistic approach to improve the overall health of the body and help the digestive system to function properly. This works in two phases, firstly maintaining healthy lifestyle and secondly consuming the right medicine to make the gut healthy and maintain the ph balance. The natural remedies are:

1] Improve your diet- You are what you eat, the food we eat highly affects the health of our body. Including more of fruits, vegetables, legumes, sprouts and unprocessed organic food, we can reduce the over inflammatory response   and thereby combat gastritis.

2] Lower stress- Stress and strain of mind can lead to gastritis and many other ailments. It is always necessary to do yoga, meditation or exercise to reduce the levels of stress and lead a healthy life.

3] Remove toxins- Toxins build up in the intestines and cause acute gastritis. The gut is terribly messed up with the consumption of toxins. In order to fight with toxin a good detox regime should be followed in which water intake and intake of flavoured water is increased. Foods which are fatty, over spicy, processed or contain insecticides or pesticides are prohibited. Detoxification not only helps in gastritis but also improves the health and skin.

4] Get more sleep-When we get proper sleep, body produces certain harmones which help in the fight with gastritis and also lower stress levels. It is recommended to get good sleep of 8 hours to fight gastritis and improve quality of life