Historical Legacies of Vellore

July 29, 2016, Chennai

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Vellore is an ancient Indian city situated at a distance of 145 kms from Chennai. Once ruled by various powerful dynasties like The Pallavas, The Cholas and Vijayanagar kingdom; it portrays a rich historic legacy through its forts and temples.

Sitting on the banks of Parar River, Vellore witnessed many fierce wars and battles in the bygone era.

It boasts of grand ancient monuments and temples renowned for their beautiful Dravidian architecture. Present day Vellore is home to few prominent educational institutes like Christian Medical College and Vellore Institute of Technology. Chennai is the nearest metro city and the common mode of travel is with Chennai to Vellore taxi hired through a reliable car rental in Chennai.

We have listed down the most popular tourist attractions in Vellore:

Vellore Fort

Vellore Fort is the most prominent attraction of Vellore city. It was built in the 16th century by the Vijayanagar Empire and later ruled by various other dynasties and kings. It was built with granite stones and is surrounded by a moat; the carvings on pillars and roofs portray beautiful architectural style of Vijayanagar kings. Tastefully done carvings and intricate designs showcase the advanced level of the sculptural architecture of those times. Built as a strategic military site, the fort is huge in size with the outer length measuring more than 2500 ft. The fort complex houses a temple, mosque and a church. There is a museum inside the fort which displays many monuments, artifacts and information pertaining to various dynasties.

Jalakandeswarar Temple

The Jalakanteshwara Temple was built by the Vijayanagar King in 1550 AD and is located within the Vellore fort. With beautiful intricate carvings on its Gopuram and pillars, this magnificent temple is an absolute architectural marvel. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is visited by thousands of devotees every year. Visitors are left captivated by temple’s huge wooden gates and 100 feet high Gopuram.

Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri Hills is a small rural hill station located at an altitude of 1410 meters. It comes under Vellore district and is around 90 kms from the main city. This quaint little place is famous for its tea estates and flowery landscapes. It also houses many beautiful lakes and waterfalls which attract a large number of tourists. With the recent availability of adventure sports like rock climbing and paragliding, it has become a popular hub for adventure seekers. It offers visitors a perfect place to unwind in its natural and serene environment.

Amirthi Zoological Park

Located at a distance of 24 kms from Vellore this scenic forest area is well developed as a picnic spot. It is a great place for children to learn about different species of animals and variety of flora and fauna. Travelers can enjoy views of beautiful waterfalls in this resplendent area covered with herbal plants and sandal wood trees.

Sripuram Golden Temple

Also known as Lakshmi Narayani Temple it is located in Sripuram, which is at a distance of 6 kms from Vellore. The temple was built at a whopping cost of Rs 600 crores and 1500 kg of Gold was used to coat the whole structure. The temple is considered a modern architectural wonder. The beautiful deity of Goddess Mahalakshmi is made of granite stone and adorned with gold ornaments.

Vellore is a city with an amazing history and rich cultural heritage and is a must visit for travel buffs. If you are planning to visit Vellore from Chennai, you can easily choose your preferred Chennai to Vellore cab from various options of Chennai cabs on Savaari.com