Google Doodle is celebrating Father's day this year with a cactus couple.

June 18, 2017, Chennai

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As a tribute to the dads across the world, Google has come up with a cactus doodle for Father's day. Google may have chosen the cactus to represent the strong and brave nature of the fathers. 

This day is dedicated along the likes of cactus for all the strictness and scoldings, yet kindness and concern that our fathers pour on us.

 The illustration in the doodle has six phases. Right from loving and nurturing the younger child through different stages of growth. 

It shows how the father takes care of the children, play with them, feed them and be enlightened always.  After all, dads too deserve a special day to feel happy and delighted for all the sacrifices and love. 

A father's contribution to one's life is so much that we should celebrate his presence. Every third Sunday of June is observed as father's day in India. 

Source: Indian Express