Cuban street racing in Fast and Furious 8? Race video leaked!

March 24, 2017, Chennai

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Sit back and watch one-and-a-bit-minutes worth of street racing footage where Dom - played by Vin Diesel - is racing some seriously old muscle in Cuba. Ah yes, Cuba. The filmmakers had apparently always wanted Cuba to host a Fast film, and this is handy because it reminds you that yes, many moons ago, the films used to be about actual drag racing.

Here, there is the ‘Cuban Mile’ - a sharp, rather dangerous quarter mile sprint in Havana through traffic.

“Cuba is well known for its car culture,” the film’s producers explain. “If there is a guy to be immersed in that culture, it’s Dom Toretto. He knows everything about those vintage cars and honours the tradition of maintaining them. The Cuban ingenuity of keeping the cars running with whatever they’ve got - whether lawnmower, tractor, or boat parts - is that spirit, that tuner car spirit, that was just so perfect for Dom and this film.”


Source: Top Gear