10 Tips to Spot an Original Rolex

April 11, 2017, Chennai

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Rolex is the leader in luxury watches, and there are no second thoughts about it. You may or may not know a thing about watches, but you can’t stay ignorant of Rolex and its grand legacy. Everyone knows it is the biggest brand out there – and so does the counterfeit watch industry.

Spotting a fake Rolex is getting tougher since counterfeit watch makers are getting smarter with each day. It has become rather easy to manufacture first and second copies with minimal distinct marks – to the extent that one can never differentiate between a genuine and fake piece.  Few decades back, the Rolex logo could have been recreated with a magic marker, but now with latest technological advancements, replicas look pretty convincing. This is one of the major reasons why you should always procure your Rolex from authentic retailers such as Ethos Watch Boutiques who are authorised to sell this luxe Swiss brand.
To save you from any further mishaps, here are a few tell-tale signs of a genuine Rolex that will save you from the clutches of fake:-

If you are lucky enough, you might get a genuine piece at a small shop but there are high chances that that piece belongs to some poor tourist who was mugged. But this happens once in hundred times. There are high chances that you have spent a fortune on a cheapskate copy of the timeless piece that won’t last more than a week. 
Rather than saving a few pennies, isn’t it better to get your Rolex from an authorised dealer who won’t only provide you with the watch but ensure its servicing, warranty period and so on. Even if you choose to buy online, be assured of their credibility before inserting your credit card details.

On a genuine watch, serial number is always precisely engraved into the metal, whereas on a fake piece it is always etched in a haphazard manner. Plus you can always Google up your serial number and check its authenticity.

All Rolex watches, apart from Sea Dweller, come with an articulately crafted, plain polished steel casebacks. There are no engravings, embellishments or transparent backs. If you see even a slight scratch or bump, RETURN!

At the stroke of midnight, date should change immediately. But if it doesn’t, then congratulations, you have landed right into pickle. If it is working slowly, it might need some repairs. But if it seems grim, brace yourself for its funeral.

All Rolex watches have a crown logo etched right on the side of the crown (needle that sets time). Both the crown and the stem of the crown are made of a single piece of metal, and you can easily spot a fake if both the pieces are put together.

To differentiate between a genuine and fake, Rolex played a clever trick! Post 2002, all the watches manufactured in their luxury brand house comes with a tiny crown logo etched at 6’o clock. It is so precise that even fake watchmakers cannot copy it.

A bona fide Rolex is worth the weight guys! So if your Rolex is pretty easy and light on the wrist, you have been fooled. The best way to test whether your piece is genuine or not is to run a quick check on Google about your model – its make and weight. Hold it up against your contender and within seconds you will know its fake or not.

Listen intently – your watch speaks a thousand words, except a Rolex doesn’t. The hands on a genuine Rolex make zero ticking sounds. Plus they don’t jerk while ticking, they go smooth around the clock. 

A traditional watch and legacy in itself, Rolex movements are mechanical and self-winding. Except for Oyster quartz Rolexes, none of their models are equipped with quartz or battery-powered movements. Rolex usually doesn’t allow anyone but just their certified watchmakers to open up the movement. So if your dealer intrudes in the inner mechanism, it is a subject of worry. 

If you go for a swim with Rolex clasped around the wrist and it slows down, buddy its time you leave it behind. Most Rolex watches are water resistant up to 100 meters, so a little dip test would affirm its authenticity.

You are now a pro at spotting a fake Rolex!