Mangadu Kamakshi – 2

June 10, 2016, Chennai

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Sukracharayar, the guru of the asuras was performing yagna on earth. Shiva appeared before him and blessed him. Since he could leave the yagna and appear before Kamakshi he communicated to her through a Asarreri vakku to proceed to Kanchipuram and that he will marry her there. Kamakshi obeyed the words of Shiva and proceeded to Kanchi and made a sand Shivalingam and propitiated the lord.

Shiva blessed his devotees and entered into a wedlock with Kamakshi on the auspicious Panguni Uthiram day. She is called as Kalyana Kamakshi here.

Since the goddess hurriedly left for Kanchi she forgot to put out the fire in Agni kundam at Mangadu. This created havoc in the surrounding areas. The lands became dry and parched and the water in the lakes started depleting. The dry area became a source of concern to the people living there. They started wailing as they were suffering.

God did not want his devotees to suffer. A spiritual preceptor and exponent of Advaita philosophy –Adi Shankara was on a holy tour of India. And he happened to pass this area. He was shocked beyond words to see the sad state of affairs. People came to him and sought his help to set revive its old state. They prayed to him to solve this problem. Is he not a deiva piravi?

Shankaracharya was able to find out the cause for the calamity through his ganana drishti. In order to bring the area back to normalcy he consecrated a unique Ashta kantham-( 8 mooligai)-Ardha meru-SriChakra in this place. This Srichakra yantra is called the Raja Yantra. The lowest part is in the shape of a tortoise-Kurma.with three steps on top of it and there are 16 Lotus petals and a Srichakra yantra embedded on it. In order to signify 43 Devatas there are 43 triangles. Since Adi Shankarar had made it out of Ashta kantham Abishekam is not done but sandalwood paste, javaathu, and Poonugu is applied on it. Kumkuma archana is done to Ashtakantham. Artha meru srichakra is very important here. Abishekam is done to Pancha loka kamakshi.

Since Adi Shankara consecrated Srichakra it was able to quench the fire –Agni in this place. In spite of it devotees feared to go inside the temple and worship the goddess. The icon of Thava Kamakshi was the reason for the fear. For several hundred years the temple had very few visitors. But now it is bursting at its seams. And devotees make a beeline irrespective of the time.

The pontiff of Kanchi mutt Parmacharyar found that the icon of Thava kamakshi was the reason for the fear of the devotees and removed the icon of thava kamakshi from the moola sthanam and shifted it to an adjoining place to the left side inside temple premises. Then he consecrated another icon of Kamakshi with a parrot on one hand and a sugar cane in the other hand. She is Santham personified and she is called Santha kamakshi. The mangadu moolasthana amman is called Adhi kamakshi. The icon is made of panchaloka. Why do devotees specifically visit the temple for six consecutive weeks.?