Madras Boat club- The oldest rowing centre

September 25, 2015, Chennai

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Madras Boat club

Madras Boat club is one of the oldest rowing centres in India, approximately 140 years old.

Few Englishmen in 1867 started this club in the backwaters of Ennore. Later in 1892 it was shifted to the current location on the river banks of Adyar. In the year 1898, the club coat was adark blue with brass buttons and the club monogram .This is still in use even today without modification, was adopted by the then committee. In the year 1967, Mr.M.M.Muthiah became the club's first Indian president. The Rowing Federation of India was formed, primarily through the efforts of the members of the Madras Boat Club. The eighties saw a phenomenal growth in the activities of the club. The number of members grew .In the nineties the club witnessed sweeping changes. The club acquired a number of modern facilities and it is today proudly one of the best-equipped rowing clubs in the country. Ironically, the club, today, faces new challenges. The very survival of the sport is threatened by the condition of the Adyar River.