Indifference and apathy of GOI is inexplicable

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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Indifference and apathy of GOI is inexplicable

( Hundreds of fishermen have been killed by Sri Lankan Navy )

Fishermen from Vedaranyam, who put out to sea were caught by the Sri Lankan Navy in mid sea and after throwing their fishing equipment into the sea, stripped the fishermen and tortured them.

When the fishermen reached our shores, one of the fishermen, Chellappan was dead.

Tamil Fishermen

Predictably TN Government informed the Central Government, much as you and I would convey the news of a death, to family and friends. Predictably again, Indian Government makes empty noises – we condemn this strongly’ type of statement is issued.
This is not the first instance of Tamil fishermen being hounded out and killed by the Sri Lankan Navy; over the years more than 400 fishermen have lost their lives; thousands have been maimed or wounded; fishing equipment and stuff worth crores of rupees have been destroyed; fishermen are caught and tortured by the Sri Lankan Navy.

The Sri Lankan Government’s Tamil hunger cannot be satiated, it looks like –hundreds of thousands of Tamil lives have been consumed in Sri Lanka and still their Navy is looking for more Tamils.
The ostensible reason for the actions of the Navy is these fishermen trespassed into Sri Lankan waters.  
Yes, it is possible, but nowhere else are fishermen killed.

During LTTE times, the Navy hit these fishermen, ‘for smuggling arms, ammunition, diesel etc. Now that the war is over, what excuse, Mr Rajapakse?
It is indeed perplexing, to say the least, that the Government of India continues to pump aid to Sri Lanka but nay an action to stop this atrocity.

Manmohan Singh, who is silent on this issue wasted no time in talking to the Australian PM and had a stern message sent out, when Indians in Australia were attacked.
Why is Manmohan singh who reacts with alacrity to incidents in Australia, but keeping mum on this issue?
Does this mean the Central Government doesn’t care about loss of Tamil lives?

It is time our CM puts pressure on Manmohan to break his silence, at the least, instead of making statements like, “I can only write, can I take an army”

A Hanuman or a Beema may still rise from among us and bring these megalomaniacs to their knees.

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