Not (in) the right spirit!

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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May be with an eye on the Assembly elections due in 2011, Chief Minister Karunanidhi has hinted at the possibility of re-introducing prohibition in the State.
We do not think this is well advised, for many reasons.

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The spirit behind the idea may be noble, but not only is it impractical to achieve the stated objective, but sadder still, it will only affect the section of population that will supposedly benefit from prohibition. Yes; rather than dissuading poor labourers from hitting the bottle it will force them to go to bootleggers who will dish out dangerous concoctions using fermented wash and many more dangerous chemicals.

You tell us if prohibition should be re-introduced.  (Vote Now)

It doesn’t make economic sense either, with the State’s exchequer losing an estimated ` 13,000 crores of revenue from liquor sales, which is about 25% of the State revenue and with this sector growing at nearly 20% annually.

Alternatives to set off this loss of revenue are not many and all of them do not seem to add up to anywhere near this figure.
When the whole world is moving in one direction, how can we move in an opposite direction?

Today, as the World becomes flatter and flatter, as connectivity and communication become so easy, every country or State is becoming multi-cultural and Chennai and TN is no exception.

More industries, more investments in Tier II & Tier III cities also, not only from within the country but also from foreign investors are on the anvil, in addition to existing multi nationals.

The CM cannot ignore the fact that liquor is a major requirement for many, if not all these investors. It is pertinent to point out that industrial growth in TN is higher than most other States and I don’t think anybody would want to jeopardize that.

Add to this the reality that social acceptance of drinking is on the rise and youngsters are more responsible and more health conscious than their previous generation.

Government should, instead focus its energy on educating the poor labourers, provide them means for healthy living, take the help of citizens to inculcate good positive thinking and motivate them to face life and its challenges.

That should be the spirit!
You tell us if prohibition should be re-introduced.  (Vote Now)

L  Ravichandran
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