CMDA proposes, Government disposes

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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Ordinance promulgated yet another time to stop the CMDA from pulling down unauthorized buildings.

This is the fourth year in succession that such an ordinance is being issued to protect buildings that have violated CMDA's development regulations in the past one decade.


From 2007, every year this ordinance is being promulgated consequent to Madras High Court striking down the regularisation schemes introduced by the government in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

If you are wondering why the Government regularly (for regularization!) stops demolition, you must understand that property developers and building owners are influential people – they are a solid section of society.

The ordinance which was enacted into law, was also struck down by the High Court in 2007.  

Subsequently Government moved the SC, which gave temporary relief by ordering status quo. From then renewing the ordinance has become an annual exercise by the Government, to maintain status quo.

A commission appointed by the Government, three years ago, yes THREE years ago may submit its report anytime, we understand.

I’m reminded of a remark, by a Senior Government functionary many years ago, (recapped by a friend) commenting on some report submitted by some commission or the other – “ such reports can be compared to what happens inside a toilet – a lot of noise and finally what comes out is the same”!

It is not always that our State does not want to demolish any building – in what has come to be known as Amma vs Ayya, if Amma wants to demolish, Ayya would have none of it and vice versa.

The battle lines are drawn with Ayya and Amma having their own preferences on where the State Secretariat should be located, when they rule.

In that case, demolitions, if required will be carried out.

Don’t you think in our burgeoning City with already a multitude of inconveniences to residents, it is necessary to follow the rules, not only from the point of view of safety, but also environment, clutter, availability of water, sanitation, fresh air, open spaces…..

Write in your views. You can start an online campaign – put up a petition….

L  Ravichandran
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