Hard ‘Softies’

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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India in Tri-Series Final

Thank you Waz! We always knew you loved India and Indian cricket.

After one of the biggest losses, to Sri Lanka, India thrashed NZ by 105 runs, bundling them out in about 30 overs.

Stung by your ‘assessment’ of the Indian pace attack, the boys took it upon themselves to prove you wrong and they did it in style, last evening.

(for those who are wondering what this is all about, I’m alluding to Wasim Akram’s remark in the media that the Indian pace bowlers were a bunch of softies). When Dhoni reacted angrily to Wasim’s remark, we were wondering if he was being defensive or he was plain hurt, or it was sheer bravado! The skipper obviously knew his boys better than Wasim and it is also heartening to know that the boys have professional pride. They answered the criticism with a top class performance– the ball did the talking.

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Lets get back to the match; one can recollect any number of times the Indian team, when forced to the wall, has come out and conquered; again yesterday in yet another do or die situation Dhoni & the boys came out with flying colours.

The bowlers, after a long time, took wickets – bowled NZ out, but India would not have had any total on the board, if one of the most special and gifted batsman I world cricket today, answering to the name of Virender Sehwag had not fired and fired he did and how! Watching Sehwag bat yesterday, it looked like he was batting on a different pitch and against a different set of bowlers. While batsman at the other end were all at sea, struggling to put bat to ball or if they did succeed only to nick it or sky it, Sehwag was having a ball! The effortless ease of his batting, his timing, bat speed were really awesome! It appeared that he knew what the bowler was thinking and even before the ball left the bowler’s hand, he was ready with his shot! He literally let hi bat do the talking!

That no other batsman made any score (literally), but for Mills who swung wildly and got 54, when the match was all but over, is a tribute to Sehwag’s genius.

That set the stage – 223 on the board - for the bowlers to have a go and they delivered substantially.
Sehwag, we want an encore – in the Final against SL – and then our bowlers will do the rest!

Good luck boys!

L  Ravichandran
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