How to handle Stress?

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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Money stress, relationship stress, exam stress, health stress, almost everyone is bogged down by stress.
When you go by train and you are carrying huge luggage, what do you do first?

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Find a place for it and keep it there so that you can relax and enjoy the journey.

What would happen if you still carried the luggage on your own head and not keep it down?

Do you ever stress yourself more and ask the driver of the train:
“Sir, could you tell me
How many years have you driven the train?
Have you caused any accident?
Would you please show me your license?
Can I see your CV/ Bio data before I board this train. “

You will say, "It’s foolish!”
That means somewhere you trust your entire life to a stranger knowing that he would enable you to reach your destination perfectly.

These two incidents should just give you a simple mantra for handling stress?

Drop It- Let Go.  Now you might think is it so simple, why not?

Two words were enough for the British to go back to their country- Quit India.
Only a simple deep awareness is enough, Let Go.

One wonderful story to illustrate this:
Once A professor began his class by holding up a bucket with some water
in it. He held it up for all to see; asked the students,
 "How much do you think this bucket weighs?

100 grams...., 500 grams... 1000 grams  ......the students answered.
'I really don't know unless I weigh it,' said the professor, 'but, my
question is: What would happen if I held it up like this for a few
"Nothing" the students said.
‘OK what would happen if I held it up like this for an hour? ’, the professor asked.

“Your arm would begin to ache”, said one of the students.

‘You're right, now what would happen if I held it for a day?'
“Your arm could go numb, you might have severe muscle stress & paralysis and may have to
go to hospital for sure!” said another student and all the students laughed.
‘Very good, but during all this, did the weight of the glass change?’ asked the professor.
“No” replied the students
‘Then what caused the arm ache; the muscle stress?'

The students were puzzled.

When one student suddenly said, simple "Put the glass down"

‘Exactly!' said the professor
Life's problems are something like this. Hold it for a few minutes in your head; they seem OK. Think of them for a long time; they begin to ache. Hold it even longer; they begin to paralyze you. They affect your mind, body and soul. So much pain all because you are holding it and just not letting it go.

Imagine your body holding to all that you eat and does not allow it to let go as waste in the morning every day of your life. Your body has the wisdom to let go.
If your body has so much wisdom, to “let go”, why not you? Each day
It's important to think of the challenges (problems) in your life, but even more important to 'put them down' at the end of every day before you go to sleep.
That way, you are not stressed, you wake up every day fresh & strong and can handle any issue, any challenge that comes your way!

Remember friends- PUT THE GLASS DOWN", "Let Go" each day.

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