Money or Spirituality

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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Money or SpiritualityThis is a million dollar question in most minds. The path of material and the path of spirituality are different paths and cannot coexist.

If you have money, then forget about spirituality. If you need to go ahead in spirituality, then keep away from money. There are so called proofs across many religions and scriptures. Have you not read about the greatest spiritual master “Buddha” who left his huge palace in search of Enlightenment? All the above thoughts are very convincing but if you are the many who harbor such thoughts, God save you. 

Sadly, you will miss both money and spirituality. Isn’t spirituality being one with everything in this Universe? How can anyone say, that they will accept and be in one with everything in this Universe but not Money. And they will call themselves spiritual. India was one of the countries who many centuries back proved this to be false. Ancient Indian Masters always said that both Money and Spiritual can co-exist.

Did anyone of you ever hear of any church or temple being build from air? I think huge Money is needed.

Indian masters gave a super definition of true spirituality, anything which is Akhanda (without divisions). So for starters do not create a division between money and spirituality in your mind. Yes, one can learn to enjoy both. You can have the following choices.

Be very spiritual with Money or Be spiritual without money.

I am sure that a person of sense and wisdom will choose to be spiritual with Money. God bless.

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Suresh Padmanabhan
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Money or Spirituality