Mahalakshmi Money Display

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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In the next few articles we will be focusing on simple things that you can do which will increase your awareness towards Money and Life. These are simple aspects and you can do this over the complete week before you read the next article. The day you read the article, put what is taught into immediate action.

Keep repeating this over the whole week before you read the next article. As you read the next article, put that into practice. In this way you will be building a healthy awareness of Money for a life time. Make this whole process joyful and not mechanical. Enjoy your new actions and new results.

Mahalakshmi Money Display

The Mahalakshmi Money Display is by far the most powerful technique you will come across. This has been proved in the Money Workshop over the years. Our participants just love this and have been using this with joy all though their life. This technique is very simple and can be done by the whole family.


Get up in the morning, take a good shower and wear fresh clothes. Locate a suitable place which is pure, preferably the Pooja Room. Take a big plate preferably made of china clay, or copper (not plastic because plastic has very poor energy).

Take crisp currency of any denominations and start spreading this in the plate in a circular manner. Do it very slowly with awareness and joy.  Allow the whole family to place the currency notes and create a wonderful display. The plate should become full of Money. It is like overflow of Money. You can choose to mix any denomination currency. You can also add foreign currencies if you so wish. You can add coins at places to make it more appealing. Use any creative ideas that appeal to you.  The objective is to create a plate full of currency which is good to look at.

You could choose to make a rangoli on the floor, have a good flower decoration on which now the plate can be placed.  You can keep a small statue of any god you like, or the laughing Buddha in the plate as a reminder of support and help from a greater power. You could also keep some Flowers symbolic of the Universal Support and Purity. Please do light a good incense stick or agarbhatti (Nagchampa  or  Sankalpa Siddhi agarbhattis are good). 

Light a Lamp or candle alongside the plate. (Please be careful that the flames do not reach the paper currency that you have displayed).

Now take some Tulasi leaves or some loose flowers about 108 of them. All the members can sit around the plate of Money and just with open eyes admire the currency, feel the energy of money and pray that Money flows in abundance in their life. Take each small petal or Tulasi leaf and drop it on the money plate saying this powerful mantra: Om Shreem Mahalakshmiye Namaha.

Thus you will be chanting this mantra 108 times and each time as you chant this mantra loud drop the flower on the Money Plate. This completes the whole ritual. Now you can keep the Money Plate for the whole day if you can or for some hours.  Thank money, god or anyone else you would like to. Then remove the Money and the flowers. 

The whole process should take about 20 minutes to 30 minutes max.  This is a very powerful mysterious esoteric process and one gets very powerful money results in life.  Do this on each day for the rest of the week till you will come across a new technique from our side. Do keep a note book for writing your good experiences as the week passes by.

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