Power of Mantra Vibrations

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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Mantras are India’s greatest gift to the world. The word “mantra” is derived from two Sanskrit words. “Man” means mind, “tra” means protect or freedom. It literally means free the confused mind and allow the mind to become peaceful within. Mantras have been created by the Gurus and Masters of India since thousands of years.

They are discovered in a deep meditative state and directly from the Universal Vibrations.

 Power of Mantra Vibrations

They are sound vibrations using a fusion of Ragas, vocals, and music to achieve a particular result. Mantras are energy based sounds and they produce magical results. The person listening to the Mantra reaches the same state as the sound vibration of the Mantra. This vibration attracts similar vibrations from the Universe.

India has many Mantras. There are Mantras for Money, Relationships, Health and Prosperity, to get married, to have children, and to discover higher spiritual powers within.

At the Money Workshop team we have chosen many mantras for attracting money and prosperity. Mantras are the cheapest form of tool or therapy.

Each day just listen to the Mantra for few times. Allow the vibration to permeate every cell of your body. For westerners not exposed to Mantras, these things might be difficult to comprehend. I know of several westerners whom I admire who respect Mantras and know much more than we Indian’s do.

All of today’s Gadgets use this same science of vibrations. From Mobile phones to the internet it is all a web of vibrations traveling across the whole Universe. The nomadic hunters from the Jungles would be startled when we use mobiles or any modern gadgets, simply because they will make no sense of it initially. Similarly westerns not exposed to Mantras may feel like this. I do not know the technical details of Gadgets but simply use them effectively. So one request to westerners, just suspend your judgment and use the Mantras for your benefit.

Whilst you may not be able to suspend your logic fully, just think it is a piece of music, with the only advantage being the Results that it may achieve for you. You can listen to the Mantra while driving your car, doing some work at home and also with a good headset.

Enjoy and get transformed from each Mantra.

Sit back, Relax and get transported into a whole new world of positivity.

You view these you tube videos which we have created on ancient Vedic mantras pertaining to money & prosperity.

1. Kubera Mantra – Vedic Mantra to Attract Money and Prosperity


This is one of the Ancient Mantras of India to Attract Money and Prosperity.The Kubera Mantra is the worship of Lord Kubera - the Lord of Wealth & Fortune. Listening to Kubera Mantra blesses one with attracting new avenues and sources of income and wealth thereby increasing the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth and prosperity. You may choose to hear it once in morning and once in evening for best results. Sung in Sanskrit it has the most powerful vibrations to embed in the subconscious mind.

2. Narasimha Stotram – Vedic Mantra to get out of debts


This is a very rare mantra that has an amazing vibration, which will give relief to people who have debts and are struggling with money at this present point of time. Seemingly many of us at times have to recover our stuck money from people or organizations which, at times becomes a difficult task and there is an energy hurdle in it. Listening to this mantra, will help us tune to the vibration and then when we ask for the money the chances of recovering it back are very much higher. Also, when organizations are having debt issues and insolvency issues can play this mantra at their premises to get rid of their debt at the fastest time. Listen to this Mantras daily for best results.

3. Suprabatham


Suprabtham is Good Morning. Imagine that you are about to wake up with a  flute in back ground and birds chirping, gets the whole body rhythm comes to an amazing state within to start the day powerfully. If you have got up you can listen to mantra to set the tone for the day. Listening to this mantra will change your frequency/vibration to a higher state and this higher state if you encounter your days activities it is bound to be good. So have a Very Good Morning.

There is a powerful energy ritual also to be followed. When you get up,  first look at both the palms of your hands.

The tip of the fingers, represent Lakshmi energy. Lakshmi represents Money and Wealth. When you focus on the tips of the fingers give yourself a thought that " Money will flow effortlessly in my life" and " I am handling Money Powerfully".

The centre represents Saraswati energy and Goddess Saraswati represents Learning. When you focus on the center, give yourself a thought that "I am attracting the perfect learning in my work or business and Mastering the required skill". Learning is the Bramhaastra or the most potent tool to Success.

The wrist represents Govinda or Vishnu Energy. When you focus on the wrists then give yourself a thought that "I am attracting the Universal Higher Principles and operating from my Higher Self"

Then you rub the hands, and take the energy on to your Face. Following the ritual each day will ensure a successful and blissful life.

Wishing Great Money Flow and Abundance.

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Suresh Padmanabhan
Author of I LOVE MONEY

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