True Financial Well-being

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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True Financial Well-beingI was in Russia during a book-signing event a lady came towards me fully upset, hands waving and she looked pointedly at me and said: "You are speaking and writing about evil",

I said “Sorry, could you please repeat what you said”.

 She repeated, “You are speaking and writing about evil".

I said, “No madam you are mistaken, I am speaking about money".

She said, “Yes that is what I am saying money is evil, very evil".

I asked her, “Do you really think that money is evil.

She said “Yes, Yes. Very, Very evil”.

She was highly convinced that “Money is Evil” and I had to find a way of explaining the truth of Money in a crisp manner.

So I looked at her straight in the eye and told her, “As you think, Money is Evil, please give me all your evil. I will gladly accept your evil and am willing to liberate you from this Evil”.

And I also emphasized, “Madam the more evil you can give me the more I will be happy"

She did not know what hit her, there was a deadly Silence and she vanished from the scene within no time. Everywhere one encounters such talk.  Knowingly or unknowingly we would also have spoken a number of times exactly like this.

In India too we have a number of proverbs so much against Money. There are Proverbs such as

Money is like dirt”, “Money ruins life”, “Money comes and goes, so why bother” etc.

We never understand that by keeping, paying attention and repeating such thoughts we are creating a contradictory dialogues in our mind, thereby pushing money away from our life.
Please be clear once and for all, “Do you want Money in life or not”.

 If the obvious answer is “Yes” then don’t be a hypocrite and be aware of not harboring such thought in our life.

Santa Singh was trying to push a heavy luggage in his house doorway and his luggage got practically stuck in between the doorway.  He was really struggling, as the luggage was very heavy. He went to his neighbor Banta Singh to take his help. Banta Singh came very confidently to help out and solve this problem. He asked Santa to go to the inside of the door and Banta took a position on the outside of the door. Now at an appropriate time Banta yelled, signaling Santa to put effort to move the luggage. Both Santa and Banta were huffing and puffing putting all their efforts vigorously. Screaming, ranting, gasping practically out of breath, the luggage had not moved a single inch.

 A shocked Banta told Santa, hey I am making all efforts to push the luggage inside, why is not moving? Santa too dazed with efforts, sweating all over he said, “pushing inside”, “Hell, I am trying to push the luggage outside.”

When you apply two forces in opposite of each other than there is no movement in either direction. For example when we take hot water and mix it with cold water and keep mixing hot and cold water, the water neither becomes hot nor cold.  This is the same with Money.  From times immemorial Money has been misunderstood and mishandled. Like it or not Money is going to be a part and parcel of your life. Then why not have a healthy relationship with it?

The lousiest lie you've ever heard or spoken is, "Money is not important in my life". Money is as integral to your being as the air you breathe. As vital to your well-being as mother’s milk to a new born baby. Just as blood circulation keeps you vital and the lack of it results in a clot, so also an inadequate flow of money in your life will result in a diseased existence. Nobody Loves you without money - Neither your mother nor yourself.

Abundance and Prosperity apply to money and go beyond Money too. On the material sphere it is fulfillment of your wants, needs and desires. It is having enough and more than enough money and materialism. It is having ample reserves in terms of savings and asset creation. It is having enough time to enjoy what you have created.

On the spiritual sphere it is the deep connectivity of oneself and Universe. It is living in the present moment and being totally conscious every moment. On the mental sphere it is feeling secure and contented — having peace of mind and bliss. It is living in eternal happiness unbounded, infinite and unlimited. It is having frequent moments with feelings of internal vastness and richness. It is leading a meaningful life in harmony with Existence.

Pull a currency note out of your wallet and take a good look at it. Caress it with love, care, totality and alertness. You can actually see the story of your own life unfold before your eyes. Every currency note or coin tells the fascinating story about you. Every area of our life from relationships to health is deeply entwined with “Money.” Sadly however, nothing is more misunderstood, mysterious and complex as money. This vital subject is completely neglected all through our years of schooling.

If the money area gets affected then every area of our lives gets affected. Money is a very special mirror that can show us the reality and truth of our lives, exactly as it is. And if needed, you can use it to tidy yourself up.

Discover the lost inner child within and develop a playful attitude towards Money. Let go of the false concepts of Money, which suck your energy and vitality. Re-look at money without labeling it as tainted, corrupt, bad, or impure. Look with purity, awe and wonder. Only then Money will transform and flower into something so pure and divine.  And as Money flowers and blooms so will your life.

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Suresh Padmanabhan
Author of I LOVE MONEY

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