Sound of Money

September 24, 2015, Chennai

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Say ‘Yes to Money’ “money that makes the world go round!” goes the famous saying about money. Quite true isn’t it? Money does make the world go round. If it is not in your pocket, it is in your head. Apart of everybody’s life, a part of you, that’s what money is.

It has such great power that it can command attention from everyone.

Sound of Money

Try a simple experiment to know its power. Drop a couple of coins in any place where its magical tinkle can be heard. And you can feel time itself freezing. People around you, stop right where they are stop whatever they may be doing, and look in the direction where they heard money’s magical sound. Almost instantaneously they wonder if it was their money that had dropped. Some may even rattle their pockets, in spite of not having any loose coins there. Were the coin to roll under a table, people may even forget they have lumbago and look for it there.

Hear the sound of money as it rushes when you hit the right jackpot in a gambling slot machine. The sound of money rushing through the ATM, or counting your money as it moves in rapid speed creating a unique sound through the cash counting machine…

Love the sound of Money and it wants to rush to you… God Bless.

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Suresh Padmanabhan
Author of I LOVE MONEY

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