Can Money buy Happiness?

September 25, 2015, Chennai

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Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us, which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves.   - Helen Keller

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If you would own all the money in the world, would you be happy?

The answer would be surely “No”. 

“Money” and “Happiness” need not be interlinked. Then does that mean that without “Money” one can be very happy?

Money Isn't Everything
It can buy a bed - but not sleep
It can buy a clock - but not time
It can buy you a book - but not knowledge
It can buy you a position - but not respect
It can buy you medicine - but not health
It can buy you blood but - not life
It can buy you sex - but no love
So you see, money isn't everything, and often causes pain and suffering.
I tell you all this because I want to take away your pain and suffering.

So please send me all your money and I will suffer for you. That was meant to be a good joke.

We have to surely understand to learn to separate “Money” and “Happiness”. 

Get into the belief that “I can be happy with Money or without Money. But I would prefer to be happy with Money”

For ages there has been a tremendous conflict with Money and Happiness. But who ever said they both couldn’t stay together. There are “Gods” for everything in India, but I am not too sure if there is a “God of Happiness”.

Maybe thousands of years back there was no conflict and people learnt to be happy always no matter. Then how can we increase our happiness? We need to define happiness:

Webster offers the following clarifying distinctions:

 "Happy generally suggests a feeling of great pleasure, contentment, etc.

 Glad implies more strongly an exultant feeling of joy.

Cheerful implies a steady display of bright spirits, optimism, etc.

Joyful and joyous imply great elation and rejoicing." 

Finally, Webster defines Bliss as "great joy or happiness."

Any one of you would know by looking within your internal state “Are you happy”.  Many of us lie so much to our self. You just need to be true to yourself and happiness is deep within.

You can observe out in villages and smaller towns many people are so happy with even less Money.

Sit for some time in a lobby of a 5 star hotel where you would find the richest of the rich, many of them sadly so lost with no trace of happiness. What does happiness depend on, then?

It depends 100 % on your-self.  It depends on your attitude to events and life itself. Simply it is an “Attitude”. It can be your “True Nature” or “Natural Self”.

How can you increase happiness on a daily basis? Here are some very simply steps.

1. Only you and you only control your happiness. It simply does not depend on others. Others can trigger it provided you are ready. Simply said it is a very personal experience.

2. Do not be too serious in life. Take things a little light. Just relax and celebrate. When you are overflowing in bliss, then happy events has to come to you from outside. Like attracts like.

3. Take an oath now, it is now or never. Say to yourself with conviction so that this feeling penetrates into every cell of your body “I Choose to Be Happy at all times, no matter what happens”. Write this in bold and paste it in few places where you can see it regularly.  Keep reading this till it becomes a part of you.

4. “Be a Good Human Being first.  You can be a doctor, or an engineer, a film star or even a politician but before all this “be a nice Human Being”

5. Make it your daily habit to Smile. For it is easier to smile than frown. I read that it takes 41 muscles to frown while it takes 17 to smile. ...

6. Stop comparing with others. Remember in this world of 7 billion people there is no one so unique like you. Even your fingerprints do not match with anyone.

7. Like small children learn to extract happiness even from very small things. Remember all big things come in small packages.

8. Learn to admire all the beauty around you. As you get excited about people, places, events a boundless happiness starts flowing through you. Do window-shopping just to appreciate the wonders around you. You need not own things to appreciate or wonder. And yes when you learn to wonder and appreciate things will come your way miraculously.

9. Rejoice in others happiness. When your neighbor buys a car, be the first to congratulate him or her. Remember you not rejoicing are not going to change his/ her state or he is not going to lose the car just because you have not blessed him with your happiness.

10.  Remember it is our Birth Right to be happy. No animal or plant in this Universe has been gifted by god this Unique gift. If you cannot smile this life, come back next life, maybe as an animal or a plant to understand what you missed.

11. Do not be too serious in life. Take things a little light. Just relax and celebrate. When you are overflowing in bliss, then happy events has to come to you from outside. Like attracts like.

These are just pointers and happiness is not a formula. It is the easiest gift within us. It arises when you want it to be a part of you. So discover your own formulas or rather just be happy no matter what happens.

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