Hope The CM is Listening!

September 25, 2015, Chennai

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 Hope The CM is Listening!The former Union Minister EVKS Ilangovan is known for his candid and forthright remarks.

Speaking at the meeting to mark the seventh death anniversary of Vazhappadi Ramamurthy in Chennai, Ilangovan gave vent to the pent up feelings of a Tamil Nadu Congressman.

“There is a vast difference between the leaders here and the leaders of North India. If she had wanted, Sonia could have been the Prime Minister. Rahul could have been the Deputy Prime Minister. If she so desires, Priyanka could be the Chief Minister of Delhi. Her husband Robert Wadhera can become a Governor of a State. Yet, none of them went after any position.

In Tamil Nadu, on the issue of Mullaperiyar dam, a protest meeting has been announced.  After all, clearance has been accorded only for a survey. If you organize a protest meet against the Central Government, we can also arrange protests on various other issues. We complement Jayalalithaa for her insistence to name the Radhapuram Bus Stand after Kamaraj.

A member protested in the Lok Sabha since ‘prices of petrol and diesel were raised’ without their knowledge. He wanted to know what kind of a coalition Dharma was that. We can ask the same question here in Tamil Nadu.  The State Government is run with our support. You are taking policy decisions without consulting us. If only Congress were the ruling party in Tamil Nadu, this would have been the number one State in the country.

Journalists are being threatened. They are being arrested. Democratic rights are denied. A free press is the cornerstone of democracy. Putting journalists behind bars cannot be justified. Another group has set a bad precedent by expressing gratitude for the arrest of a journalist.

I am grateful to those who made me a free individual by defeating me at the polls,” said the brutally frank leader.

Hope the Honourable Chief Minister is listening!